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this page is for people whose lives are so boring or are so wiling to believe that the greek gods are real

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I am a son of poseidon. I know this because I had a dream telling me so and I believe this because one time I had a dream telling me where my DSIwas and it was there. anyways, IF YOU ARE A DEMIGOD AND GO TO CAMP HALF BLOOD PLEASE TELL CHIRON TO SEND SATYRS TOSOME GEORGIA SCHOOLS! seriously. some of my friends are demigods too but I don't think they know it and the chances of them believing me if I told them are small.I know the user name says'son' buth he's just the main character in a story I am writing.Sorry.


  • if you do not truly beleive that you are a demigod, LEAVE. this site is only for Greek and Roman demigods. we do not want liars or fakers
  • do not bully. or do anything else mean


  • i am a proud son of Poseidon
  • i am sorry to all those who this will confuse or anger, but i am a guy, and Alexander(think he is son of Athena) is just my best freind, weve known eachother since we were three,
  • i am almost 13 so i really need help, have seen and heard hellhounds at my place, but something is keeping them away (owls)
  • please call me trident
  • not dyslexic,ecept for the odd day, but am ADHD, less AD, more HD
  • my real name is Jason, now that ive had this thing 10 days i have decided that no one is stalking me, so i can now tell the truth
  • sorry again to all those who this may anger or confuse

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